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Ghost caught on multiple cameras

May 22nd, 2009 by Lesault

Some interesting paranormal evidence was captured tonight on multiple cameras. Near the end of the 8.30pm City of the Dead Haunted Graveyard tour, after leaving the Covenanter’s Prison, I was just winding up the tour when one member of the audience came up to show me an image he had captured on his camera. It was a picture of the inside of the Black Mausoleum showing a semi transparent shape, roughly human-sized with a slight curve to it. He had two similar images, with the shape in different places. He said he had seen the object moving on the screen before he took the photos. I offered to take the tour back in to the prison to investigate and 18 of the 22 people accepted.
We took a series of photos of the interior of the Mausoleum on multiple cameras. The original person captured the same shape again and I saw it on moving on the screen. One other person captured similar images. We ruled out the white marks which are on the walls of the Mausoleum. The object finally disappeared from the mausoleum, but was captured on another photo taken outside in the Covenanter’s Prison. At that point the camera battery failed and we left the graveyard.
The person who took the photos promised to send me a copy and I will post them here as soon as I recieve them.

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