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February 21st, 2009 by Lesault

sé·ance (sā´äns` -äNs`)
1. A meeting of people to receive spiritualistic messages.
2. A meeting, session, or sitting, as of a learned or legislative body.
3. A mind-blowing evening of spirit theatre with David Lesault

Since ancient time, Shamans and Witch Doctors have demonstrated communication with spirits. Modern religions have also claimed that communication with spirits and divine beings is possible. In 1848, in Hydesville, NY, the young Fox sisters gained international fame when they discovered they could communicate with spirits through a series of rapping noises. By 1955, 2 million people considered themselves to be ‘Spiritualists’.

Spiritualism became extremely popular in Victorian Britain, indeed Queen Victoria even took part in a table-tipping experiment. The drawing rooms of Upper-Class Britain were regular venues for Séances where the medium would channel the spirits of the departed. Often, there was an element of showmanship to their performance. The medium would enter a hypnotic trance and allow the spirits to speak through them. Sometimes objects, or even the medium would levitate. Musical instruments could be heard playing in the darkness even though the medium was bound or restrained.

Allow Lesault to transport you back to the elegant surroundings of the Victorian drawing room where he will attempt to recreate the atmosphere of a genuine Victorian séance. He will demonstrate communication with beings from beyond the veil with knocks and raps, and invite the spirits to answer your questions through him. He will invite volunteers from the audience to experience table tipping and will allow a hypnotised volunteer to enter the Spirit Cabinet.

The Séance can be tailored for any size venue, from an intimate circle of friends to a full banquet.