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What makes him special?

February 21st, 2009 by Lesault

Since he was a child, Lesault has been able to do things the other kids just couldn’t do. Looking back on it, the first time he did something that most people would consider ‘out of the ordinary’ was while he was at playschool, maybe three years old. He discovered that he could tell what colour someone’s hair was just by hearing their voice behind him. It sounds really strange, although he thought everyone could do it so he didn’t mention it to anyone! Later, he turned his ability to more lucrative persuits. He used to play the ‘guess which hand the sweetie is in’ game with his mum, and was right much more often than he was wrong. His mum thought he was cheating somehow, but he wasn’t!

In his early teens, he got really interested in the paranormal and the unexplained. He became a huge fan of Arthur C. Clarke’s ‘World of Strange Powers’ TV show where all sorts of unexplained phenomena were explored, and remembers being amazed while watching Uri Geller bending spoons and reading minds on Saturday evening chat shows. He spent a lot of time in the local library researching hypnotism, UFOs, Extra Sensory Perception. He began reading about Hermetics and Mentalism, the theory that “The Cosmos is an utterly malleable experience that feeds back to us what we want to perceive.”

After studying privately for 15 years, Lesault began investigating the world’s best documented case of paranormal activity – The MacKenzie Poltergeist. This led him to become a tour guide which gave him nightly access to the most haunted graveyard in Europe and the Black Mausoleum where the strangest paranormal activity happens. He finds his abilities are much stronger when the poltergeist is around and credits much of his ability to the influence of the spirits in Greyfriars’.